We know how to tell better stories.

Cause we’ve built a platform that tells us how. Yep. Seriously

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In a time when mobile and social media consumption is the norm, the million dollar question is:

How do you get attention when you compete with everything?

The answer:

Great content will always win in a competitive feed.

Welcome to the world of KIT Story Engine

Revolutionizing content creation in social media.

How Story Engine works
(The short version)

1. Set data

We systematically classify every piece of content we produce in a number of different categories.

2. Publish and analyse

Our editorial staff publish numerous articles, videos, infographics etc every week.

3. Get insight

This gives us deep insight in how we should tell every specific story to get the effect we want. We call it best practice.

4. Results and learnings

We share these best practices with our customers and partners - to give them immediate results.

Sounds interesting? Read more, or contact us for a full run-through.

What we can do for you

Native isn't just a buzzword, it's the future of advertising. In social media the quality of your content is more crucial than ever.

At KIT we combine the geniuses at our Creative Studio with the unique recommendations from Story Engine to make sure that every story stand out in the noise.

We don't like keeping secrets. And we truly believe we have the best content platform with the best data in the world. So we want to share it with you.

When you want to take your own content production to the next level you are extremely welcome to move into the Story Engine universe for real.

Some of our lovely clients

What people are saying

KIT has all the tools to create content that leads to the right results.
Fredrika Sjöö
Social Media Manager, Warner Music
We spend half as much recruiting a reader with KIT compared to similar marketing activities.
Anders Nordling
Digital Marketing Manager, 3Företag
Brilliant. In every way. All we had to do was sit back and scoop up all the applications.
Johan Malmgren
Operational Project Manager, Berghs School of Communications.
The videos were exactly what we wanted. We received loads of positive feedback and made a statement in an ongoing debate. We are proud of this campaign.
Malinda Flodman
Communication strategist, RFSL

Let us tell you all about Story Engine, and why it's good for you

There's a lot to tell - so drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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