Telling stories in social

Social platforms are taking over our lives. Seriously - total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming. This means that putting social media in your marketing strategy is not a cute add-on anymore, it's a necessity.

But how do you reach through all that noice and get attention when you compete with everything?

The answer is: Great content will always win in a competitive feed.

This means that we always need to tell better stories. And this is why we have invented the best content platform in the world, KIT Story Engine.

At KIT we combine the geniuses at our Creative Studio with the unique recommendations from Story Engine to make sure that every story stand out in the noise.

Where do you find your stories?

To start creating content with effect you should be asking yourselves two things:

  • How does my company add value to our target group?
  • Which stories should my company tell?

Then we step into the world of Story Engine

By giving Story Engine the right input we will get precise recommendations on how to tell your stories and answers to questions like: 

  • How do we tell our stories to get the effect that I want?
  • How can we consistently create great content?
  • How can we learn from the content we publish - and improve?

The result?

Top of the line content having the right effect!

When you go native with KIT you get...

Story Engine insights
  • All content production is based on data and insights from Story Engine
Great content
  • Concept and ideas are produced by commercial editors at KIT Creative Studio in cooperation with you.
  • You choose whether you want to work with video or articles, but we are glad to give you recommendations on what would be the best strategic choice for you.
  • All production management.
  • All production (script writing, video editing, graphic elements, text production, original photography, rights to music and photos).
  • We mainly work with sponsored posts directly to the target group the customer prefers.
  • A tailor made distribution strategy based on insights and recommendations from Story Engine.
  • Profound campaign analysis
  • Insight analysis
  • Optimisation

Let us tell you all about Story Engine, and why it's good for you

There's a lot to tell - so drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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