Social media is rapidly becoming a huge part of people's lives. The average person spends nearly two hours on social media every single day. Our social newsfeeds is where we find everything from news to entertainment, where we socialize, laugh, cry and learn new things – everyday. 

In social media the old rules of storytelling don't apply anymore. In the new media landscape the distribution monopolies no longer prevail, which means increasing demands for quality are put on every individual piece of content. There is no room for irrelevant, or ”page-filling” content in a ruthlessly competitive distribution system of social feeds, search algorithms and content partnerships.

This means one thing for publishers and advertisers who want to reach people in their newsfeeds: we need to start telling the right stories.

Telling the right stories is also crucial to lower your distribution cost, since there is one very clear rule on social media that doesn't apply to bought media elsewhere: 

In social newsfeeds it's cheap to distribute good stories - and expensive to distribute bad stories.

So what is a good story?

The answer to this question is utterly boring, but true: it depends. It depends on which story you want to tell, why you want to tell it, for whom you want to tell it, which nature or context it has, which category it belongs to – and a million other things.

Since storytelling in social media is so complex we don't believe in trusting old habits and gut feelings. Instead we've done something completely different. We've built what we consider is the smartest platform for content creation in the world: Story Engine.

This is Story Engine

Story Engine  is a suite of tools that help editors and reporters use data to go from idea to finished content in the way that makes most sense for a particular situation. The platform consists of two major innovations:

1. KIT Core

KIT Core is a completely new language which describes content with a much higher accuracy than ever before. Using KIT Core we can all of a sudden talk about which tonality, editorial intent or objective our content has, with a controlled vocabulary. This allows us to give the platform a detailed description of our content which enables us to collect data from the very beginning of the ideation process.

2. A globally unique database infrastructure

In Story Engine we collect data from the whole content process – from the very first idea to the very last distribution object – in the same database. This means that the platform can provide us with unprecedented insights and recommendations on what works for a client. It can even inform decisions for creating distribution items for each piece of content.

The results?

The outcome of Story Engine is a better mapped editorial process, vastly more productive (read: better) content and a radically better understanding of how people react to certain kinds of storytelling.

And of course: better stories, with effect:

Let us tell you all about Story Engine, and why it's good for you

There's a lot to tell - so drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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